About Saidin Salkic, Mido

Born in Srebrenica Bosnia, the place of the greatest genocide in Europe since the WW2, Saidin Salkic is one of Australia’s leading contemporary filmmakers and artists, with 24 films, public art installations and national and international presentations to his name. He has been featured in numerous national and international media outlets including SBS On Demand, SBS World News, CNN Balkans, ABC, THE AGE and many others. He received a special sponsorship for creation of his work from Tracey Moffat, he is the only European born artist to receive this honor. Salkic survived the Srebrenica genocide as a 12 year old and in his early 20’s he witnessed the execution of his father on television, his experiences have been his driving force to become one of the most unique and prolific filmmakers and artists, internationally. In their feature on Salkic in 2018 CNN Balkans (N1 TV) has called Salkic “Australia’s greatest artist”. He has been the witness at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal. His work has been curated widely, including by Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Global Reconciliation Network, Australian Embassy in Vienna, Adelaide International Film Festival, South East European Film Festival Los Angeles and many others. Saidin always performs in his own films, attempting to bring intimacy to the film performance and eliminate representation that dominates the mainstream cinema. Having been called “Master of mood” and “One of the most singular filmmakers currently working in Australia” Salkic continues to work out of Melbourne, Australia.

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