“The aim is evolving the intimacy of the place from which the cinema is made and eliminating the representation, sensationalism and other killers of art.”

– Saidin Salkic, March 2014.

Karasevdah; Srebrenica Blues
(2007, 44 mins, digital video)

Konvent(2010, 54 mins, digital video)

Manifesto of a Defeated Poet (2016, 65 mins, full HD)

Waiting for Sevdah (2017, 40 mis)

Robbery of a Truffle Truck (2017, 33 mins)

The Arrival of a Phoenix (2018, 40 mins, digital video)

Silence’s Crescendo (2018, 40 mins, digital video)

The Shocking (2019, 27 mins, digital video)

Trembling (2019, 24 mins, digital video)

Swan Lake and the Atomic Bomb (2019, 23 mins, digital video)

The Conversation (2020, 72 mins, digital video)

That Mist in our Eyes (2020, 12 mins, digital video)

The Shells Exploding Gently (2020, 44 mins, digital video)

The Human (2020, 47 mins, digital video)

The Subconsciousness (2020, 41 mins)

The Last Days of Loneliness (2021, 51 minutes)

The Anxiety (2021, 42 minutes)

The Final Hours in Paradise (2022, 60 minutes)

Boy Among the Ruins ( 2022, 33 minutes)

The Compassion of the Undertaker (2022, 70 minutes)

Rain Falls on a Blossom Tree (2022, 62 minutes)

Frightened (2022, 61 minutes)

The Killing of Dirk de Bruyn (2022, 62 minutes)

One Dollar Coin Man (2022, 61 minutes)

FILM SCREENINGS (incomplete)

  • 2007 – The world premiere of Karasevdah; Srebrenica Blues, was held at the Village Roadshow Theatrette at the State Library, Melbourne. The film was launched by Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard Larkins and Marcia Langton, Chair of Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne, and was produced with the support of Professor Paul Komesaroff and the Global Reconciliation Network.
  • 2007 – Karasevdah: Srebrenica Blues screened in St.Albans Victoria University, for members of the Bosnian Cultural Society, supported by Bosnian World Diaspora Association and Global Reconciliation Network. The screening was featured in the Age in a full page article by Andra Jackson (September 29th, 2007) : ‘From sadness of war, a filmmaker finds his soul’.
  • 2007 – Karasevdah also screened in Springvale, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, organised by the Bosnian World Diaspora.
  • 2007 – Karasevdah: Srebrenica Blues screened in Sarajevo’s BKC (Bosnian Cultural Centre) in front of several hundreds of people, including high school children and guests from the international academic and artistic community. The screening was generously supported by VKBI, Bosniak Intellectuals Congress Forum and Society of Women of Srebrenica .The screening has inspired inclusion in a few written essays at the time and news articles and documents including an essay in the Italian language by Maria Brachi
  • 2007/2008 – Karasevdah screens in Belgrade in the Centre for Cultural Decontamination organised by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights Serbia ( ) and its director, Sonja Biserko.
  • Karasevdah has gained notice and mention in numerous essays, TV and news articles including this journal article by Dr. Martine Hawkes in M/C Journal entitled: ‘What is Recovered’. It has also been screened as part of La Trobe University Genocide Studies program and to film students at Deakin University.
    M/C Journal, Vol. 11, no. 6 (Dec 2008)
  • 2011 – KONVENT screens at ACMI, Federation Square , Melbourne.
  • KONVENT has gained further notice and recognition with Australian Innersense Film Journal in 2014, putting KONVENT on the list of Top 50 Australian Independent Films of all time: and Irish magazine Experimental Conversations in 2013 called it “one of the finest films of its decade, and “ the best example of DIY digital film making that I have seen”
  • for continued info refer to the information in other sources

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